Saturday, May 14, 2011

Springfield Art Fest

For Mothers Day, Judy wanted to go to an art festival in Springfield so we all piled into the car and went not knowing what to expect and it turns out it was held on a blocked off historical area called Walnut Street. Holly and I both enjoy collecting folk art and we really had an enjoyable time looking at all of the hundreds of booths. I am also very interested in turn of the 20th century architecture (you know, when they actually built interesting buildings and homes with style and individuality) and Walnut street is full of old victorian style houses and some of them are bed and breakfasts, art studios, and other businesses including restaraunts and bars. We plan on staying in a B&B for Holly's birthday this year and exploring the area further.
So what does this picture have to do with an Art festival? Nothing. But I thought I would slip in a couple pictures of where we have been helping out on a nearby ranch. 97 head of cattle were rounded up for vaccinations and we separated the calves from the cows and though we are used to a few cattle, its another thing when the rancher tells you to wade into the herd and separate 15 head or so and get them into the chute. All I had was a fibreglass cattle stick and since the cows were already upset over being separated from their calves and these cows are Simental/Angus which go 1000lbs plus its was certainly a learning experience. These pictures are where we are rounding up the cattle and herding them across a small river. Sure beats working in an office.

4 Wheelers have taken the place of horses for the roundup.

And once they get going its a real trick to keep them going where you want them.

Its just beautiful country and we are learning a lot about handling cattle.

On to the art festival, it was in a very old section of Springfield and the gardens were beautiful. This is an old fire station.

All of the houses were unique and had porches facing the street.

The street was blocked off and each artists had their own booths. Woodworkers, potters, painters, jewelry makers...

Lots of musicians were playing and there was an abundance of great food. We ate at a Thai restaraunt in one of the old houses.

These are big old houses with lots of architectural detail but most of them also were in need of repair and I was struck at how expensive it would be to maintain one.

Unfortunately we couldnt go in any of them on this trip other than the Thai restaraunt.

Our preacher and his wife are both artists, he a potter and she a well known animal painter and they had a booth. Here is Marla, Judy and Holly.

The yards and landscaping was very impressive and peaceful.

I would hate to have to paint a house like that.

And we got a little goofy but we had fun.

This guy had miniature horses instead of a dog.

Overall we had a great time, it was warm, we ate good food, met some interesting people, and enjoyed the artists and their work.

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