Friday, October 22, 2010

Als Visit

Number 4 and youngest son Al came for an all too brief visit and he was the usual happy go lucky guy he always is. The original plan was for me to help him drive his truck back to Bellingham Washington and then fly back but when we checked the truck for the trip there were some...problems. He had slid into a snowbank which severely dented the drivers side and the front bumber was rubbing the front tire and causing problems. The check engine light was on, the transmission was slipping, and the radiator was boiling over...other than that no problem.

So we ended up buying the thing from him and I have been wrenching on it ever since. I will post about that later. We had fun, ate some good food and then Al had to get back to McChord AFB so we drove him to Springfield and put him on a plane. We wish he could stay longer and we plan on bringing him out next summer for a longer stay.

Unfortunately our camera was acting up and Al hasnt sent us any of the pictures he took but here he is riding the 4 wheeler.

And of course the ubiquitous picture with Bandit.

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