Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall is Here...Gardening and Halloween Decorating

Hauling the hay for the front Halloween decorations Holly wanted.

Hay from our pasture, corn and sorghum stalks from our garden and pumpkins from our pumpkin patch...the scarecrow from Walmart!!

We started plowing the lower garden for next years croips and we plan on planting winter weat next week.

It looks cold in this photo but it was about 75 degrees...but it does look like fall which is my favorite time of the year.

It was time to knock down the corn field and plant winter wheat.

Throughly enjoyable task; brought back memories of the great corn harvest we had this year.

The sorghum patch in the background will remain for a bit longer. We have been cutting stalks and sucking on them like you would sugar cane..very sweet. Once we cut it down we will use it for silage for the horses.

We have composted regularly and have several good piles that actually steam when you turn them. Next week we are going to pick up a truck load of manure we were offered to add to some of our piles and to spread in the garden...prepping for next spring.

The supervisor

The boss with some of her carrots. She planted a variety of colors and though they look cool, I cant tell the difference. We still have a lot of carrots in the ground yet to harvest.

The bell peppers, turnips, beets, and carrots are all still doing well (we use row covers when frost is possible). We also have broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach in another garden and a bunch of herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and raddishes in the greenhouse.

The old corn patch ready for winter wheat sowing.

The new plot, less grass to mow, prepping for the spring, and ready for winter wheat.

The oaks are really changing colors too.

The new patch from the barn, the grass on this side of the big tree is where the leach field is so we cant plant there....I will have to continue to mow it.

We had a huge crops of persimmons off of our two persimmon trees. Once the frost hit them they went from bitter to sweet almost overnight but we had so many we couldnt give them away.

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