Sunday, October 31, 2010

Planting the Winter Wheat and Bush Hogging

We got the Winter Wheat cover crop planted and have started cutting the hay in the pasture. This next week we will harvest the turnips and beets, spread manure in the fields and garden areas and start putting things to bed for the winter.

Its a very coarse seed and the birds love it but we spread enough for all.

This is the old corn patch that will become castor bean plants and sorghum next spring.

This is the new garden expansion for potatoes and other root crops.

This darn little 43 year old garden tractor has just been a work horse and is one of the most useful things we have.

Brush hogging the lower pasture by the orchard.

I doubt we will use this for pasture next year as we want to expand the orchard and may plant corn or sorghum instead of grass hay.

Its a small tractor with a 3 cylinder engine but it works great for this small farm.

And of course Bandit has to be in the middle of everything.

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