Sunday, October 31, 2010

Of Cows and Pastures and Things

Well it probably is no secret that we want animals in the worst way but just arent prepared yet with our fencing and other infrastructure. But we have recently gone to a couple of live stock auctions, we have visited a friend who just got a couple of calfs, and our neighbor has been running his cattle in the pasture next to our pasture so we have cows coming right up to our fence and looking at us...sigh.

Just a couple of bottle babies just getting weaned.

The horse raddish patch....cant beat it.

Note the seed heads blown against the fence on our upper pasture. We still need to brush hog this area.

We have tons of rose hips from the wild rose bushes that grow along our poasture fence.

And a white faced Hereford that was on the other side of the fence...

They were congregating down by our wild game patch and the couple acres we have in woods..hope to get a deer here this year.

Nothing to do with pasture or cows but we wenbt to Licking the other day and saw this old mill building, this entire area has old buildings like this and we cant get enough of it.

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