Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Potato Harvest

None of us had ever planted sweet potatoes before and everyone said they were tricky to grow but we bought some slips and planted them in a very small area in our raised bed area. They thrived but we only planted a few slips and crowded them. Next year we will know better and we plan on growing a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes in a different area.
We literally only planted 4 slips in a spot about 2'x2' and we didnt know you needed to add sand. This was an experimental year but we are pleased with what we got.

I never get tired of seeing the fruits of our labor turn up...its like fishing to me, I get the same feeling when we were reeling in a salmon or halibut off of our fishing boat when we lived in Alaska.

Some of the taters were very large.

We are curing them now for winter storage but we have been eating a lot of them too...may not be much need for winter storage.

This baby already got eaten!!

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