Friday, October 22, 2010

Mom and Dads Ozark Adventure

The folks came down from Wasilla, Alaska for their first visit to the homestead and the Ozarks. In just a week they visited antique stores, old towns, Rosewood Farms, Baker Creek Seed Co, ate gater tail, deep fried dill pickles, BBQ, catfish, farm eggs and things from our garden, saw Amish in buggies, and in the end we sent them back to their snow and cold..I think they enjoyed it:
They liked the horses.

Mom played with the kids at church.

We went on a hayride in the country

They visited the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Including he second Rock House

Mom even drove the old Garden Tractor

Dad was not to be outdone

And he rode the ATV

and Kubota

And of course they enjoyed Bandit, Rose the Farm Dog, Boo Boo, and Willow

We put them to work cleaning our sun flower seed harvest which we use for bird food

Tedious but enjoyable

Holly and her baby

Judy, the folks and I at Baker Creek

It isnt the Grand Old Opry but we are poor folks

They saw deer, possum, armadillows, skunks, hawks, turkeys, turkey vultures and lots of birds...right dad?

And visited Wilsons Creek National Battlefield

Where it was still warm and sunny.

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