Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hartville Fall Festival

Holly and Judy took in the fall festival in Harville a couple weeks ago and Judy set up a booth and sold some of her quilts. She focused on table runners and Christmas decorations and did pretty well but its clear the bad economy is really hurting folks around here.
We found the canopy at a yard sale for $10.00, the table was borrowed from church, and we grabbed a couple of our patio chairs and viola'

I think she did so well because she focused on smaller table runners that people could afford ($9.00 - $20.00 range)

She does great work and now has some orders for some full sized quilts and will have a booth at the upcomming Lebanon crafts fair. She even has business cards Holly designed but she didnt go for my suggested slogan "If you cant afford an antique quilt, buy a quilt made by an antique".

Lots of hotrods

And old cars

And some REALLY old cars

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