Friday, October 22, 2010

Judy's Covered Front Porch

With all of the frenetic activity around here getting ready for winter, finishing projects and company we had Judy's covered porch built for us and it took less than a day. Frankly it didnt cost much more than if I did it myself with the prices of lumber lately. We just did cheapo shingles on it because the whole roof is going to be done with a green metal roof in the spring when we cover the back patio for her.
We had them tie into the existing roof peak where there had been a cover porch in the past. It about doubled her front porch area.

She also has an outside light and we put solar lights along the concrete sidewalk....its really nice now that its getting darker.

If I remember the dimensions are 10'x6' and it has a complete railing and closed gable end. We still need to stain it before winter (going with a cedar stain/sealer).

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