Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pond Project

We have a small pond that is almost completely overgrown with Cedars and it gets very little light and though we have always planned on renovating the just wasnt a top priority when it was hot. We have now started clearing out the site of our future deck/dock and the place where we will build a small shed and erect the windmill that will aerate the pond. Our ultimate goal will be to clear out the inner trees, have a grassy area with a picknic table and grill, have a deck for lounging and a small dock and john boat. Once we get the windmill erected in the spring we will not have as much problem with plant growth in the pond and we will then stock it with fish. We found some nice maples in among the cedars, some foxglove and some wild goose berry as well.

We have already cleared out the north pasture side and as you look at this picture, the inner circle of trees to the left will be cleared out and that will be planted in grass for a picnic area. There is an old field fence past those trees then another grove of trees so we will still have lots of seclusion.

We salvaged the logs for fence posts and the brush was moved up to our brush pile in the pasture for burning this winter.

I am all for equal opportunity and like to see the women folk get a chance to do their fair share of the labor!!

So far, just with what we have cleared we loaded about 5 loads of brush.

I will save you the trouble and just call this picture "Beauty and the Beast"

It already looks better. The shed and windmill will be to the left out of the picture and the deck and dock will be right in the center of this picture.

Brush hauled, logs loaded and done for the day

We will be using these for fence posts. They call them red cedars here but they are actually a type of juniper and are of the cypress family but they are extremely rot resistent. More updates as we progress.


  1. I found your blog through HT and have enjoyed reading about all the work you've put into your property.

  2. Your pond looks lovely and very tranquil. Ours is new so we just started stocking it with flat head minnows for now.

    You guys have accomplished so much this summer! We're enjoying seeing all the progress. Great to see your dreams become reality.