Monday, July 19, 2010

Chis' Visit

Number 2 son Chris visited for a week from Seattle..lots of thunder and lightening but we had a pretty good time.

The obligatory picture with Bandit...looks like a Jack Russel Terrior but really a dog ham.

And of course the 4 wheeler got a good break in

I hope to some day get to ride it myself

A little blurry but it was almost 100 degrees so we played in the sprinkler...with Rose the Farm Dog

And Gradma Judy wasnt to be left out

Cool Hand Luke

On the way from the airport we ran in to Mark Martin's NASCAR team going to the next race...poor Holly wasnt along.

A tree frog found Chis' hat inviting

And Chis helped with the second Blackberry picking....4 gallons in about an hour

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