Thursday, July 1, 2010

An update on the exterior of the Farm House

Just some shots of the new windows and doors and the beginnings of the exterior some garden shots.
New windows, the new roof, and the green accent on the window sills.

We caused a bit of a stir because we have a fusia front door..but we like it.

Its very peaceful and inviting...too bad the living room is just being used for storage.

The two windows in the corner are for the bathroom and are now got tiresome givine everyone a show when we showered.

The new windows not only look good but they are e-glass and cut down on noise and heat tremendously...we can really notice the difference from the old single pane windows we had. Plus Obama is giving us an energy rebate!!!

I have been dillently chiseling our some of the old mortar and tuck pointing the stone with commercial grade structural quick drying concrete. You have to be careful not to use hydraulic cement on old stone houses because you just push the stone apart.

Some of it is still drying in this photo. For some reason my hands do not react to the portland cement. We will eventually paint the mortar to match the old mortar which will also seal it.

I just cant have too many photos of the Kubota!! Note the bean poles in the background.

Just a view towards the corn patch.

Next year we will tripple the corn plantings.
This is one of three tomato gardens we have and as you can see, we are starting to get some ripe tomatoes.

View from the future orchard (this fall).

We may also put a half acre or so into corn or sorghum.

We will start haying tomorrow. We are very late getting it cut so we will probably only get two cuttings this year at about 500 square bales per cutting.

We are making progress on the rear gardens. The new bushes by the grape arbor are called "Summer Sweet" and attract butterflys.

Judy's fron planter with Bandit having to get in the picture.

We will eventually put a deck under the back covered porch, screen it in, and then lay a concrete patio in front of that so we can keep the grill off the deck. You can also see the need for siding in the back since we raised the roofline. We are looking at lap cedar or hardy plank and should have that done by the end of the month.

All of this will be covered with lap siding and the window trim painted the same dark green as the front. The base color of the siding will be more of a lighter green.

Again, the back will be decked, screened in, a ceiling fan installed, outside lights, and a concrete landing for the grill.

We will also be roofing over the outside entryway to the basement.

So thats the outside update. We have been here two months as of 28 June...we have been busy.

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