Monday, July 12, 2010

The Great Storm of 11 July 2010

Yesterday we watched a storm roll in from the north and it hit us hard, We had about 50 mph straigt line winds and got over 6 inches of rain in a couple hours as you will see. In the middle of all of this I had three call outs for the fire department and the thunder and lightening lasted through the night. We had some damage to our crops and I found out that I need to channel the downspouts further away from the house (got a bit of flooding in the garage) but we managed to survive and the tornados missed us completely.

Well it looks ominous

At first I thought it was going to by-pass us.

We started to get concerned because there were reports of numerous funnel clouds in the area and a couple tornados actually toughed down.

It started with just a steady rain and some wind.

About this time I went on my first ambulance call to a bad car accident on the was raining and blowing pretty bad at this point.

Uhhh, there was a lot of water coming off the pasture.

I mean a lot of water!

Shortly after this pic was taken we saw an old bearded guy on a big boat full of animals sail by.

It wasnt any better out front but we survived....the next post will show the results of this storm.

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