Friday, July 30, 2010

The rear Exterior Siding Project

We just finished with the rear siding installation and are moving on to some trim, caulking, and then painting. We ended up installing Hardi-Plank instead of vinyl and it came out great, we also replaced the goofy window above the bay window with a true gable end vent which should assist the whirlybirds in venting the attic.

This is where we started working on raising the roof, the back door was totally exposed to the sun and rain and it just wasnt very hospitable or useful.

The old roof line was a hodge podge of roof lines and low overhangs that also leaked. The old siding was a mix of old shingles and oak planking.

Once we raised the roof we then had exposed OSB and though the rest of the exterior of the house looked pretty good the back was an eye sore and needed to be weathered in.

The new roof line and Hardi-Plank siding looks so much better even though it isnt painted yet. Next spring we will replace all of the kitchen windows and we still need to finish the trimming and caulking before we paint but it came out pretty nice we think.

You can see the gable vent here and the covered porch. The red thing at the bottom of the kitcken bay window is just a wooden access door and I have no idea why anyone would paint it red.

We like that the lap siding retains an older look in keeping with the rest of the house.

A little more hospitable ne'?


  1. You have a pretty wonderful yard. It's quite open and spacious. And yeah, your siding project is looking quite fine. The house and yard match each other quite well!

    1. A wide front yard helps the aesthetics of the house to be appreciated more. A wide front yard helps to ease in the eyes before it looks upon the house. It’s like a palate refresher, only for the sight. Even from afar, a house with a well kept front yard is very pleasing to look at.

      Sandra Ludwig

  2. Yep, the sidings already look awesome sans paint! So, what color did you use to paint the sidings? If I were to paint your sidings, I’d go for beige or colors within that shade. It’s a perfect accent to your roof, and I think it will also work well for your backyard. In the end, what’s important is that you’re happy with the whole project. :)