Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Family Room is Done and the Dill Pickle Adventure!

We finally finished the family room. Put bead board siding, finished the electrical work, new windows and the french door, painted, redid the ceiling, and trimmed it out. There isnt a square angle in the entire house and a 4 foot span often had up to an inch and a half drop so it was a real challenge getting everything to look okay. The electrical was equally challenging because of the tight spaces and lack of a crawl space under the family room (its on a concrete slab).
The paper wrapped bundle in the back right corner belongs to a friend of ours from Juneau who is moving to Arkansas, the blue chair and ottoman are like new which Holly and Judy picked up for $10.00 at a yard sale (it will eventually go into our master bedroom for my reading chair). This picture was taken from the entry to the country kitchen.

Our computer/office area..central to the kitchen and the family room.

The beadboard and trim came out way better than I could have imagined..but what a pain because all of the vertical lines have to line up just perfect and with the lack of anything square in the house...grrrrrr.

This is the door to the back patio and also a shot of an antique book case we got for a song and my antigue tobacco tin collection. Also note the new window we installed...low e thermal...the whole works.

This door goes to the garage and we left it wood. The entire family room was a very dark cheap panelling with horribly stained thinks we brightened it up a bit. Also, note the rabbit ears, 9 channels in HDTV (if we had an HDTV) for free and all crystal clear. This little antique bookcase we got for $8.00 at a street sale.

So what do you do with a passell of cucumbers? Make pickles.

Dill pickles that is. 6 Quarts from our first harvest and we have many more comming that will go into relish, tzsaki, etc.

And again...this is only 2 months into the adventure.

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