Monday, July 12, 2010

Picking Blue Berries

So we saw a sign along the road down from our place that advertised U-Pick blue berries and we decided to call since our blue berries wont be harvestable for another year or so. We called and the very nice gentleman said they still had berries and when did we want to come pick? When I suggested tomorrow he said "well we will be gone all day so just pick what you want and figure out the amount and slip the money under the door when you are done". I love this place. So we went; and we drove down a dirt road and didnt see any berry bushes and most folks around here dont put any house numbers or names on their homes so we kept going. Got to the end of the road which was blocked with a cattle gate and a no trespassing sign so we retreated. We found one farm with several trucks in the yard, tractors, and a real nice house but no one was home so we poked around and found the berry patch down a dirt road on the farm. I am always hesitant to do something like that because after 5 combat tours in the military I really dont want to get shot poking around on private property but we found the berries and picked about 2.5 gallons. And for our Alaska friends, no bears and no worms.

We cleaned them and will be making jam or jelly in the near future as well as freezing some for muffins and pies.

The fruits of our labor.

Someone wasnt too careful about removing the stems when they picked them.

Good looking eh? (and the berries arent bad either)

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