Monday, July 19, 2010

Suzuki Ozark 250 Quadrunner

Soooo we decided to look for a 4 wheeler to use around the farm and for hunting/fun. We originally were going to wait until fall closer to hunting season but with Chris visiting and all we decided to move that purchase up. We looked at used, we looked at various sizes, 2WD vs 4WD, and we finally decided that we wanted to go new so we could feel good about the maintenance and care and we decided we would like a smaller more maneuverable ATV for our farm and hunting ambitions. Our criteria were:

a: Cost.....duh!
b. Reliability and ease of use for Holly and Judy in particular
c. I wanted something that wasnt loud or had bright colors but that had equipment racks and ability to traverse the terrain here for hunting purposes.
d. Even though we have a large equipment trailer we wanted something that could be toted in the back of one of the pickups for when we go camping with the tow hitch camping trailer.
e. I wanted something that had enough power to be fun but wasnt a bear to operate with my bad shoulder.

So we narrowed it down to a smaller 250 and we looked at the Kawasaki Bayou, Honda Recon, and Suzuki Ozark 250s...all 2WD utility ATVs. We checked out all of them and what sold us on the Suzuki was the fact that we could tow up to 748 lbs with the garden dump trailer, it actually has the biggest engine and hp in the class at a true 249 ccs and it has outstanding reviews in all of the postings we could find oin the internet. It has full floorboards, front and back equipment racks, electric and pull start, a foot shifter with automatic clutch, a tow hitch, solid construction and most important, IT LOOKS COOL!

Anyway, we will pick up an older used one for me at some time but we are pleased with this one and its a very nice operating machine.
Holly is just learning to ride it but she seems to take to it intuitively...though she needs to remember where the brakes are.

I think I was asking to ride it at this point....

Red, Black, Yellow, Blue or Green...Green please..

Good visibility and great lights

Its very quiet

Independant front suspension, solid rear axle and skid plates

Tubulat steel frame and a well dampened suspension

I guess the name kind of fits too

It just fit our needs for a price we could justify.

All in all we are very pleased with the bike and its already being put to use.

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