Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inside Update for Mom

So you asked and here it is. The inside has taken a back seat to all of the outside activities but we have been hitting the yard sales and antique stores.
We finally found an antique couch in pretty good shape for a super cheap price..judy stitched up one seam and it was good to go.

From what we can tell over the Internet, its a circa 1920s - 1930s couch...or should we call it a davenport?

Our $12.00 side table. Its an old Wabash shipping crate top on a Singer sewing machine base..very cool. The brick on the table is from a old Hotel and has "Missouri" engraved on it.

And we picked up an $18.00 coffee table in good shape; also an antique (though not worth anything except to us). Shaby chic at its best.

Not an antique but a $10.00 bench for the antique organ that looks like it just came from the furniture store. End of the day yard sale find.

We finally found an old oak bookshelf for cheap that has glass sliding doors. As you can see we are still unpacking but it handles a lot more of our books.

And I have increased my collection of old radios and they all work. This is a Packard Bell

And I couldnt pass up this old Zenith

Nor this RCA Victor...the color is great.

We bought this antique dresser for the spare bedroom for $40.00 and found a manufacturers stamp on the back that says it was made in St Louis in 1917.

And the guest bed, very comfortable.

And finally, we got the goat hung in the family room and the small table is an antique enamel top table we found for $30.00.

Tomorrow we start the Hardi-Plank siding on the side and back of the house and Saturday we are hitting a huge sale down the road a piece....such is retirement!!

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  1. Andy this is great i love it.
    mom. That is a wonderful sofa, the coffee table is just like the one I grew up as a kid, my mom had one just like it.