Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stuff around the Farm

This post is for dad. We have so many things on the farm that I thought you might enjoy taking a look at what we have aquired/inherited with this you can at least know what I am talking about on the phone until you come down for a visit.
This is an old electric belt sander we found in the barn. I need to rewire it but it works fine.
Single bottom mould board plow we used for the garden.

The brush hog.

We have a ton of old windows that will go into another greenhouse I suspect.

And more windows we took off the house when we replaced them.

You can see the old wood boiler in the background we used to have in the house. It weighs about 500 lbs.

The old stove and hot water heater (and more windows in the back). We will be having a yard sale this fall or we will haul it to scrap.

The seed/fertiliser spreader.

10 cu ft dump trailer. This gets a lot of use.

I need new rear tires for the Allis Chalmers and I blew a $2.50 cork oil seal in the lower gear housing that will require removal of the wheel and lower shroud. That will be a later project.

Sinks from the farm house we will be selling at the yard sale. The wood stove will be repaired and go into one of the shops.

16 foot dual axel (3500 lbs each) welded steele equipment trailer. Hauls the tractors, golf cart, wood, etc.

The ramps slide into carriers to the right back of the wheels.

This is an old horse drawn road grader I need to yard out from the fence line and clean up.

This is an old horse drawn cultivator that also needs to be yarded out for display.

You cant really see it but this is a more modern cultivator with rubber tires (1940s).

John Deere check planter out behind the barn.

Its actually in pretty good shape.

Our furnace is wood and sits out back. It has a water jacket that circulates hot water through the existing propane furnace which then blows hot air through the registers like a regular furnace. It also heats the green house using radiant floor tubes embeded in the concrete floor.

Its actually a non-pressurized boiler.

Very efficient and with the hardwoods we burn you only need to bank the fire once a day.

Cleanout trap at the back and side view of the woodshed.

An old American Seeding Company planter we have out front by the vegetable garden.

It was a great piece of machinery back in the day.

An old Kholer generator (est about 1950) that turns over and wants to start but we are leaving for Holly's Uncle Chuck to get running when he comes in August or September.

How about a V-Twin Speedy air compressor? It works great but I need to replace the airhose.

1986 EZ-Go gas golf cart that will be used for Holly and Judy to tool around the farm. Goes like a scalded cat but I am going to replace the piston and rings, put a lift kit on it, agressive tires, pickup bed..etc. then paint it up for them and it will then be known as the "Old Bat Mobile".

And finally an old Elgin Foundry Coffee Mill we found at a yard sale (they dont call them garage sales here).

So...those are a few of the toys...err tools we have around the farm and some of the projects I am working on.

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