Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Day Lillie Garden

We met a nice couple at the draft horse demonstration who invited us to come and see their farm and perhaps get a couple of peach trees they planted from pits last fall. Apparently you plant the pits in the fal, the freezing cracks them and they sprout in the spring. I never knew this but it obviuosly works because they had sev or eight peach trees about 3 feet tall. Their place is beautiful with natural springs lined with limestone, old barns and outbuildings, beautiful gardens and a house they have spent much care in renovating...battery problems in the cheap camera we have prevented us from getting very many pictures but the upshot was they gave us 16 large clumps of various colored day lillies so we dug out a spot and planted them today.
I just cant get enough of old barns and theirs was a classic. Its being used too, they keep a calf in that barn and use it for storage.

They had a huge asparagas patch and gave us some tips for ours next year..ours just epicly failed this year.

Digging up one of the peach trees, they said they ate some peaches they bought last year and liked them so they just planted the pit..who knew it was that easy?

Their soil is rich creek bottom soil and their place is on what used to be the main road south...its just a dirt path now but it was the route civil war soldirs would have taken to the battle of Hartville.

This guy will get a lot bigger and despite his fierce look he is actually a beneficial garden spider, we let them live in peace despite my arachnaphobia.

So in 94 degree full sun we dug up a spot with the tractor and planted a day lillie garden.

Dirty but satisfied with a good days work. Thanks Jack and Renee.

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